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My Breathefree


My Breathefree is an app to help patients with chronic breathing problems like Asthma, COPD in managing their asthma better and leading a normal and active life. Benefits: More days without asthma symptoms Fewer days being absent from work or school Fewer asthma attacks Lesser use of reliever inhalers Fewer hospital visits
It is a unique virtual caregiver which will help you take your medicine doses on time by timely dose reminders, educate you about asthma triggers and how to avoid them, show you videos on the correct technique of how to use your inhalers for maximum medicine benefit in 10 diff languages, help you find the nearest Respiratory Specialist in your area pan India and so many other features. In case of an emergency, the nearest Breathefree Clinic can be located using GPS navigation.
My Breathefree can be customised to do several things according to your need. From recording your PEFR (Peak Expiratory Flow Rate) log and sending it securely to your Doctor for better diagnosis to helping you recognize if your asthma is getting worse and telling you what to do in response.
It helps patients and caregivers to monitor symptoms without visiting the hospital. The app also has FAQs on how to manage asthma for yourself and your family. The aim of this app is to help patients and caregivers prevent or reduce the severity of an asthma attack.
My Breathefree becomes an integral part of your life with the following features:
 Asthma Action Plan to synchronize your busy schedule with reminders for taking medication on time, for more effective treatment and for an active life with lesser chances of getting an asthma attack due to missing doses. Managing and scheduling appointments with your Respiratory Consultant, with reminders so that you do not miss your visits. This helps in monitoring your asthma better. PEFR recorder that can be taken with the help of a simple device called Breathe O Meter and can warn against an impending exacerbation. . These readings can be observed as per your age, height and gender, to give you a better picture. Also the readings could be sent across to the doctor just before your appointment. Device demonstration videos which can be either watched online or downloaded and saved for correct device usage technique. Correct method of using inhalers and nasal sprays plays a vital role in drug effectiveness. Clinic locator feature helps locate a Respiratory Specialist or a Breathefree Clinic across the country. Breathefree Clinics are your one stop solution, right from counselling to treatment and device usage techniques for asthma and other respiratory disorders like COPD and Allergic Rhinitis. FAQs to know and understand asthma better. Trigger map helps you know about the common triggers at home, office, school etc and gives a few tips on how to avoid them. Asthma Assist is a feature that provides a travel checklist so that even while traveling you do not forget to carry your medicines and other essentials to help you manage asthma better. This feature will help you keep contact numbers for emergency and can help you locate a Breathefree Clinic in the nearest vicinity using GPS.Breathefree Asthma Tracker is a true companion for all asthmatics and their caregivers to help them lead an active and happy life.